We had a great inter counties in Wolverhampton. Our aim was to survive and

not get relegated. Thankfully Kent were extremely weak and we managed to

beat them 5-0 which meant no relegation, none even dropped a game.

Our task was a big one in the semi vs Surrey. Ben started at no.5 on the

outside court and lost 3-0 to Phil Nightingale, the 2nd game was 17-15 but

this seemed to fatigue Ben. i think the big difference was that Phil plays

more tournament than Ben. Olly started on the main court vs Joe Lee. Last

time they met Olly came from 2-0 down to win 3-2. Today was a different

matter. Olly started with great purpose and knew exactly what he had to do

win and kept his control and concentration to win superbly 3-0. The best

Olly has played all season. I went on vs tom Richards (world no.31) took the

1st game and was a nuisance for the rest of the match and had a chance to go

2-2 but couldn't quite capitalise on it and lost 3-1. 2-1 down with Brandon

playing Neil Frankland. Brandon was patient and played scintillating squash

at times to keep Neil at bay and win 3-1. Tom went on vs Jason Barry in a

topsy turvy match. Tom won the 1st and 3rd convincingly and then 2nd and 4th

were a little tighter as Tom looked to tire. The 5th was nip and tuck until

4-4 and then Tom proved to be more consistent as he won the game and the

match for Sussex.


Now to the final


We knew Herts were strong and we would probably have to win at 3,4 and 5.

Ben went on 1st vs Keith Timís and put in a great display of determination

and guts to take it to 5 games. to be fair to him he had a couple of chances

to clinch in the 4th but it just went away from him and little was left in

the 5th. 1-0 Herts


Olly played Adam Fuller and started horrendously losing 1st game 11-1.

After a kick up the bum from Captain Vole he git a little better and each

game got better as he went on to win 3-1 but his concentration from the

previous day was lacking. 1-1


The Vole played Chris Ryder (world no.32) at 1st String. Having lost to him

for a few points the previous week he looked to do better. the 1st game was

the same as last week losing 11-3. However he found a little extra to take

the 2nd 11-4, he was up in the 3rd and had chances to take it but started to

fatigue and that game and the next went form his grasp. 2-1 Herts


Brandon was playing MArc Woolhead on the adjacent court and this was going

to be very close. He had chances to go 2-0 up but failed from 6-0 up. It

went to 5 and Marc was tired and started to tin out. A great victory to

Brandon and a faultless effort from him all weekend.


2-2 and down to Pashers. He lost the 1st easily and won the 2nd easily but

that was it. His movement started to let him down and Adrian's ability to

hold the ball made his movement look worse. Adrian played well and deserved

to win 3-1.


A great weekend for Sussex and good team work and support from all