Black Lion Patcham

03/12/2008 7.30PM



Present: Simon Tunley (ST) (Secretary), Fiona Western (FW), Mike Tonge (MT), Paul Millman (PM) (Chair), Chris Markham (CM) Karl Manning (KM), Justyn Price (JUP England Squash), Mike Philips (MP) and Andy Turner (AT)







1.††††††† Apologies for absence†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

John Parr (JP), Mick Sheeran (MS) Karla Pett (KP) and Ian Robinson (IR)


2.†††††††† Minutes of previous meeting/Matters Arising

††††††††††† The minutes from the 16/09/2008 were accepted as an accurate record.

KM to add newsletter to website as a PDF so it can be downloaded.


Graham Stevenson to complete child protection †††workshop in order to complete coaching licence


Training on how to add information to the website still to be done


3.†††††† Newsletter


Due to a family tragedy KP unlikely to produce newsletter at the present time. The committee send their sincere condolences to Karla and her family.


4.            Senior/Junior County Closed


ST met MP in October to discuss options/format for the senior county closed in January/February next year. MP has produced posters and applications forms and has the financial backing of SSRA. Posters etc have been posted on the website and be sent out to all the clubs. It was agreed by all the event must happen. ST mentioned that Ali Pruden had promised to return the ladies trophy which she has had for some time!! MP to chase. At asked about lower grade events and MP agreed if numbers were good he would look at C grade and below for the men. JUP stated everyone on the committee should try and get their club players to enter as it should be a flagship event for the county.


Junior county closed went ahead on the 27/28th September 2008 at Corals squash club. FW confirmed it was a well run event and financial made a profit. The committee would like to thank Tim Vail for all his efforts on this.


5.    †††††Hon. Treasurerís report †††


JP sent updated accounts to ST, which were distributed to the committee. All ok and there is just the need to tie in the junior accounts via Vanessa Prosser into the main account. JP has spoken to VP on this and will be included ready for the next meeting. Main concern was that Storrington SC has not paid their fees. CM questioned what should be done about this. It was agreed that the committee should come down hard on Storrington and pull them form the league. CM to contact Storrington to confirm if there is no payment by the 31/12/08 then they will be removed from the leagues


6.    ††††††Senior and Junior League Reports


CM confirmed menís league now underway and all seemed ok. Bexhill now no longer in the league.


FW stated all was going well with the ladies leagues apart from Horsham pulling their team from league 1. Now struggling to get the numbers of teams participating and this is a serious concern on the future of the ladies leagues. Needs to be looked at seriously as part of the county development plan. MP mentioned the issue with Chichester pulling out as well KM stated for them it should have been their second team that they pulled not their 1st team.


MS could not be at the meeting but all was going well with the revitalised junior leagues which are a massive plus for the county. Thanks should go to MS for all his hard work on this.


7.    †††††County Teams/ Organisers


ST confirmed the relevant teams had been entered for 2008/09 and the captains agreed upon and informed. No feedback as yet from teams but FW mentioned that the 035 had done ok and MT confirmed that the 060 had played their first weekend, but had not done as well due to a weak team. ST to chase up results.



8.            England Squash


JUP stated there had been a number of positives in Sussex. Dunnings Mill has achieved their charter status and the University of Sussex is to submit theirs this month. K2 has now formed a club and has 59 members. An Service level agreement is beinf ratified with public sector facilities. JUP confirmed a countys success was based on people and volunteers. John Millard is doing a lot of work in the county at venues such as Olympos leisure centres and the University of Sussex.


PAR 11 is to be slowly to be integrated into the game. A discussion was had on whether we should look at it for the Sussex leagues. PM keen to see the evidence on whether it does work and whether people have signed up to it. An advocacy document should be produced on it and it should perhaps be trialled to see the implications of introducing it. Committee decided it should be raised at the annual fixture meeting and AGM to get an idea on how popular it might be. Option to email clubs now to try and get feedback?



9.            Junior Development/County squads


MT raised issue of hosting junior clinics again. Committee felt they should run again but be spread around the county to have maximum impact. JUP agreed that John Millardís hours could be used for this. He was keen to look at running one a month and to confirm locations for them. In addition to using Graham Stevenson, ST and MP offered their services to help with the clinics. The key was to have clear outcomes and to make them financially viable.


ST confirmed Mike Harris was hosting a coachís workshop at the University of Sussex on the 15th February 2009 2-5pm. Info is on the website and has been sent to clubs.


11.†††††† Website


KM stated there had been an issue with rankings but hopefully sorted. CM to email clubs to advise them to check their rankings in case there are any discrepancies.




12.††††† Strategy


MT raised the issue about the fact there were now large gaps in sussex in regards clubs still being involved in the leagues especially in the east. There is also the issue of ladies/girls squash which is definitely struggling to remain viable at all levels.


MT keen to integrate clubs form the Eastbourne league into Sussex leagues to help strengthen Sussex squash especially in the east. He confirmed that Eastbourne leagues are now struggling which tends to encourage this option. JUP stated we should try and get these clubs affiliated with England Squash which means we can offer them support in the form of development opportunities. It was agreed that MT would sit down with Adrian Standivan who runs the Eastbourne leagues to discuss options.


PM discussed the idea of getting core clubs around a table to find out what they want form Sussex squash. Racketball was discussed as a way forward to try and keep people in the game and offer them an alternative. Committee agreed to relook at the county development plan at the next meeting and see where we stand in relation to it and whether it needs adapting at all based on current needs/problems.


PM asked the question on where the County Sports Partnership fitted in with supporting Sussex SRA; it was agreed ST to contact Sadie Mason to try and get clarity on where we fit with their development plans. JUP confirmed that the CSP delivers on behalf of national governing bodies through making links, mapping and generic coaching.


13. ††††AOB


MP talked about girls county squads which were now back to grass roots as there has been a big drop off in players. Has recruited additional girls but has also lost 5. JUP mentioned attending multisports events to talent ID girls; this might be one area where the CSP could help. Talk was had on relooking at the offer and trying to build friendship groups through various social activities.


Option to run a level one coaching course in Sussex and also supporting two players at Dunnings Mill SC getting the award through a subsidy towards their fees. FW to confirm interest and potential cost.


Date for next committee meeting the 10th February 2009 Weald SC.ST to book.


























































































































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