WEALD SQUASH CLUB 19 September 2006 19.30pm




Present: Paul Millman, John Parr, Chris Markham, Karl  Manning, Fiona

Western, Jenny Wagg, Ian Robinson, Mike Tonge and Debbie Denham


Apologies: Simon Tunley




1. SE Area forum. IR to check what's happening. ST  to chase up (probably too

late now!!)


2. Eastbourne league. A Standivan is in contact with  JP about LMS. ST to

keep in touch.


3. County closed is looking OK. FW to pass IR's e  mail address to Brandon

Hanley (Middleton).


4. Ladies' KO competition nearly ready to roll. FW  dealing with it.


5. Affiliation fees. Some still due (Brighton, Burgess  Hill, Chichester,

Sawyers, Storrington) Bexhill do not wish to re-affilaite.  IR to raise

Chichester situation at ES Board meeting on 20  September. FW to talk to Tim Vail to

find out more. 12.5%  rebate due after 31 October - JP to chase up.


6. Junior leagues about to start - 7 clubs. JW  doing a great job. Cheques to

be sent to JP.


7. Junior development. MT's report agreed. IR to  arrange a meeting with Nick

Metcalf to discuss actions and funding  issues.


8. Succession planning at Chichester following TV's departure -  ST.


9. Coaches forum and inactive coaches - SSRA to consider  further how to

follow up.


10. Venue and mince pies for next meeting on the 12TH December 2006 - PM/ST.