We have now completed two seasons since the new England Squash Affiliation System was introduced whereby both Clubs and all Squash Playing Members have to be registered with the National Body.


Recently, the County Association received a complete list from E.S. of all players who had been registered during the past season by Clubs in Sussex.


It has not been possible to analyse all these records as yet but for 10 Clubs, chosen at random from the 28 Clubs in the Sussex League, the following details have emerged:


From a total of 10 Clubs, 58 Men and 10 Women had their names on Club Ranking Lists and had played in matches but were not included on the list E.S. of registered players!


A further 38 Men and 8 Women also had their names on Club Ranking Lists but not on the E.S. list. This group had not played in any league matches.


It is important for all Clubs and players in the Sussex League to recognise that all squash playing members in their Club must be registered with England Squash.





Sussex Squash Leagues LEAGUE RULES: Rule 1.3, 11.1 and 13.1.7











JGP 17/05/2006