‘Home Page’ Web Design Criteria for Search Engine Efficiency


1                    Non-framed

2                    If framed, put text in noframe area

3                    Around 500-600 words of text

4                    Keywords used in Title

5                    Keywords about one in 15 words of text

6                    Highest priority keywords used more

7                    Use keywords in different grammatical forms (plural, tenses, extensions etc.)

8                    Use keywords in the name and alt tags of included graphic files

9                    Use hyperlinks to different areas of the site and put keywords in the text and URL of these

10                Use keywords in domain name (consider multiple domains)


Delta charges:

£150+VAT including 3 months full stats

Individual costs (when taken as part of a service):

Submission £7.50

Re-analysis and re-submission £37.50

Full analysis £75 (only needed when site is changed significantly)


Stats £97.50/year + £17.50 set-up

Counters £37.50 set-up + £12.50/year

Guestbook £37.50 set-up + £12.50/year