Website Progress Meeting – Knowles on 07/11/2005


Present: Karl Manning, Tony Sampson, John Parr


Objective: To decide which subject headings should be included in the initial phase and how the responsibilities for keeping these items up to date should be co-ordinated.


1.        It was agreed that a “County Calendar System” would be an appropriate vehicle for most of the items – Inter-County Matches, Meetings, Squad Training and Tournaments etc. – as these all have specific dates in the County Calendar (CC).

2.        The subject headings agreed for Phase 1 are:                                        

2.1     Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Procedures                                  (Text)                     (W/M)

2.2     Committee Meetings & Minutes                                                       (CC)                       (Sec.)

2.3     County Constitution                                                                           (Text)                     (W/M)

2.4     County Officials                                                                                   (Sec.)                      (Sec.)

2.5     Inter-County: Dates, Results and Squads (Juniors only) for:       (CC)

2.5.1            Seniors – Men, O-35, O-45, and O-55                                                               (T.C)

2.5.2            Seniors - Women, O-40                                                                                       (T.C.)

2.5.3            Boys -     U-19, U-17, U-15, U-13, U-11                                                              (T.M.)

2.5.4            Girls -     U-19, U-17, U-15, U-13                                                                         (T.M.)

2.6     Knock-Out Competitions                                                                    (LMS)                    (L.O.)

2.7     League Rules                                                                                        (LMS)                    (L.O.)

2.8     Leagues                                                                                                 (LMS)                    (L.O.)

2.9     Links                                                                                                      (W/M)                    (W/M)

2.10  Meetings (GCM & AGM) & Minutes of Meetings                        (CC)                       (Sec.)

2.11  Notice Board                                                                                         (W/M)                    (W/M)

2.12  Tournaments – Sussex Closed; Senior & Junior                            (CC)                       (T.O.)


(L.O.) – League Organiser,              (Sec.) -County Sec.,             (T.C.) – Team Captain, (T.O.),

(T.O.) - Tournament Organiser,            (T.M.) – Team Manager,             (W/M) – Webmaster


The RH column above shows the person directly responsible for putting the required information on the website asap.  It was agreed that we need a WEBSITE CO-ORDINATOR to oversee all the items listed.  This is to ensure that items are put on the website promptly, in terms of match results, or in good time in respect of events to come in the future. For the Junior I/C Matches, it is hoped that an intermediate co-ordinator can be found to oversee the nine or so team managers and thus act as a buffer between the team managers and the Website Co-ordinator.  It is also hoped that the County Secretary will be willing to take on the Secretarial Items!


The LH column illustrates the various areas on the website where the items will be located.


3.        It was agreed that the Website Co-ordinator would probably be a difficult position to fill but Mike Tonge of Crowborough and Dick Tench of Coral were suggested as possible candidates and Tony agreed to make some separate local enquiries.  The option of advertising on the website was also agreed as a possibility.

4.        The next Management Committee Meeting on Tuesday 13 December 2005 will provide an opportunity for the above ideas to be circulated for comment.











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